Recent EWL Improvements

EWL is constantly under development, with updates being pushed to the Canonical branch almost weekly. Here's some changes recently released.

Application-wide database caching

EWL supports almost-automatic database caching. When this feature is enabled (which is why it's not completly automatic), TableRetrieval queries use row versions to determine if up-to-date rows are already in the cache and if so, does not require pulling data from the database. This ia a major improvement to the existing automatic database caching which was per-request only. This feature is supported for both Oracle and Sql Server databases.

Excel exporting is now supported for free

Our previous implementation for creating Excel files required an Aspose license. We have since replaced the solution with a free solution based on Open XML, at the expense of dropping support for legacy Microsoft Office formats.

Automatic ETag generation for blob responses

When sending a file to the browser, the framework will automatically generate ETags headers. This of course provides the massive benefit of not re-transferring files which a client has already received, benefitting the client, the server and our bandwidth costs!

Now supporting charts

This feature is a little less-new but it still counts. EWL supports both bar and line charts while automatically displaying values in a table and allowing users to export the data into a tabular file. Drawing report pages has never been easier.

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