The Enterprise Web Library (EWL), and its tailored infrastructure platform, are a complete and open solution for developing and operating web-based enterprise software.

They live in the land of big forms, complex data, and line-of-business applications that must be maintained for ten years or more. A land where the database is king.

The Library

EWL is built on the .NET platform and gives you a full development stack:

  • Application frameworks for web applications, background processes, and background workers.

  • A data-access layer supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and soon PostgreSQL.

  • A core library that handles document manipulation, credit-card processing, email templating, and other business features.

The Platform

Automate your infrastructure while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in with the following:

  • A Terraform configuration that creates cloud VMs for your live server(s), build server, and test/staging servers if you need them.

  • The EWL System Manager, which provisions these servers and automates your builds, deployments, database migrations, backups, application monitoring, etc.

Where It Fits

Diagram showing levels of abstraction in enterprise software development, with EWL positioned between traditional tools and low-code platforms

Our Values

Productivity over performance and scalability: We measure performance in developer hours, not rendering milliseconds. This library is designed for the 99% of apps that are not Facebook—apps that will never need to scale beyond what a single database server can handle.

Opinionated design: We save you from a thousand inconsequential decisions so you can actually get work done.

Continuous adaptive maintenance: We follow up new features with breaking changes (and migration instructions) so that every time you upgrade, you know your app is using our best ideas. We lead you into the future instead of providing the false sense of security that is backward compatibility.