The Enterprise Web Library (EWL) is an extremely opinionated library for web applications that trades off performance, scalability, and development flexibility for an ease of maintenance you won’t find anywhere else.

It lives way past drag and drop demo-ville, in the land of big forms, complex data, and line-of-business applications that must be maintained for ten or more years. A land where the database is king.

Do NOT use this library if:

  1. You want to crank out an app, ship it, and be done with it, and you think “ease of maintenance” means never updating your code. We introduce breaking changes almost every month (with migration instructions) so that every time you upgrade, you know your app is using our best ideas. We don’t value backwards compatibility and we don’t support old versions of this library.

  2. You want maximum development flexibility. Instead of giving you options, we take them away—for your own good! We save you from a thousand inconsequential decisions so you can actually get work done.

  3. You want to build an ultrafast, scalable app for the whole world to use. We measure performance in developer hours, not rendering milliseconds. And this library is designed for the 99% of apps that are not Facebook—apps that will never need to scale beyond what a single relational database server can handle.



EWL is implemented with ASP.NET (part of the Microsoft .NET platform) and is available as a NuGet package.

The EWL source code is available on Kiln, under the MIT License.

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